Phoenix Construction

Internationalization Services


THE PHOENIX GROUP provides guidance to those seeking to internationalize

themselves and their assets, providing real on-the-ground solutions.




  • Overall Strategy

  • Investment Planning

  • Property Investment

  • Land Development

  • Architectural Services

  • Construction Services

  • Personal Relocation


  • Legal Counsel

  • Residency and Citizenship

  • Precious Metals Acquisition

    and Storage

  • Financial Services

  • Company & Trust Creation




The Phoenix Group is the only vertically integrated group of companies in the Cayman Islands created specifically to provide solutions for those seeking to internationalize themselves.

Internationalization can be defined as “the practice of international diversification to minimize dependence on any one governmental jurisdiction”. We recognise that no single country provides the absolute ideal solution for all internationalization requirements, thus we recommend the “planting of flags” in multiple countries: Citizenship/2nd passport in one, residency and property in several, and banking/precious metals storage in perhaps another.

As Cayman is one of the world’s few optimal jurisdictions for the planting of multiple flags, we offer in-situ solutions where appropriate and alternate jurisdictional recommendations where conditions are more advantageous. Recommendations are tailored to the individual needs of the client.

The Phoenix Group proves in-house consultation in areas of our expertise and introductions to our team of trusted professional partners for specialized consulting.

Why Cayman?

A Non-oppressive Government

  • 100% exempt from income tax

  • 100% exempt from property tax

  • 100% exempt from corporate tax

  • 100% exempt from capital gains tax

  • 100% exempt from sales tax

  • Simplicity of financial service regulation

  • World-class standard of services

  • Safe, secure, first-world infrastructure

  • National respect for the right to

    information privacy

  • Laws that apply equally to expatriates as to locals

Forbes recently ranked Cayman at the top of their "friendliest countries" list. And Cayman is in the enviable position of hosting 80% of the world's hedge funds and branches of 40 of the 50 largest banks in the world. The Banker's Survey of 2013 gave Cayman the number one slot for a 5th consecutive year as the leading specialist financial center. In addition, almost half of the top 30 offshore law firms, and all the top global accounting firms, including the "Big Four" are in Cayman.

Continual Prosperity

The Cayman Islands has maintained continual prosperity over time, due to its free-market atmosphere and its ongoing attraction to inward investment.

For decades, the Cayman Islands has been the fourth-largest financial centre in the world, due to:

  • Ease of legal residency

  • Stable, peaceful community

  • Low unemployment / lack of poverty

  • Exceptional ethnic and racial harmony

  • English as the national language

Property Ownership

The Cayman Islands has also become a top choice for those purchasing property internationally, due to:

  • No annual property tax (allowing property to be "banked" for future use or sale)

  • Equal property ownership rights for expatriates and locals alike

  • High quality architectural and construction standards


Although the population is small (roughly 55,000), half of that number are from over 130 other countries, making Cayman one of the most cosmopolitan in the world. Amenities are equal to or better than those found most anywhere in the world. Supermarkets and other stores, schools, hospitals, banks and recreation are all at a very high standard and are within easy driving distance. Cayman is home to the world-class Shetty Hospital.

Cayman is a very clean country, with minimal poverty and a low crime rate. Residents can safely walk anywhere at any hour. English is the national language. All neighbourhoods are of mixed nationality. Half the population is foreign-born and mutual acceptance is the norm, so social life is unusually cosmopolitan. The climate is warm year-round. Cayman is accessible from the United States by numerous daily one- hour flights by jet from Miami.

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